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Mission of the Jedlička Institute Foundation

Fundamental mission of the Jedlička Institute Foundation involves gathering funds and other means designated to improve comprehensive rehabilitation care which is provided to children and youth with physical disabilities in all its aspects – educational, instructional, rehabilitative and therapeutic ones – as well as providing comprehensive assistance aimed at preventing their social isolation. This assistance is directed towards clients and graduates of the Jedlička Institute and Schools and also towards non-profit organisations across the Czech Republic, which have similar mission as the Foundation.

Financial as well as material assistance which you provide to our Foundation is forwarded in full to the beneficiaries. 

In order to carry out its mission, the Jedlička Institute Foundation provides, acquires and cares for financial as well as real estate-related assets, and utilises proceeds from these assets to attain its objectives. In the Foundation we provide direct financial assistance to individuals as well as to the non-governmental organisations which implement projects in accordance with the Foundation´s mission and principles. The Foundation utilises all the revenues from the charitable collections and donations solely to disburse grants and contributions to the applicants. All the operating expenses are covered only by the proceeds from the Foundation´s own economic activity and from the Foundation´s assets.

The Jedlička Institute Foundation was established as one of the first foundations after the historic events of November 1989, more precisely on 22 October 1990. The Jedlička Institute Foundation was founded by the Jedlicka Institute and the Primary and Secondary Schools, the public-benefit corporation established by the Capital City of Prague, which provides education and comprehensive rehabilitation to pupils and students with physical and combined disabilities.

The Jedlička Institute Foundation follows up on the humanitarian legacy of Professor Rudolf Jedlička, MD., founder of the Jedlička Institute, who throughout his life promoted the idea of a full-fledged life of people with disabilities. We are members of the Association of Foundations of the Donors Forum and we comply with the Code of Conduct of the Association of Foundations. 

We have supported and we keep supporting

The Jedlička Institute Foundation helps children and youth with physical and combined disabilities up to the age of 30 or to the organisations with the same mission as our Foundation, which provides services to them. This is done through the contribution and grant procedure.

Beneficiaries obtain individual foundation assistance (natural persons) or foundation grants (legal entities). Some donors convey their wish regarding the beneficiaries and purposes of the donation already when providing their contributions. The donors want their contributions or donated items registered through a foundation with auditable and transparent accounting.

The Foundation will provide assistance to the applicant only if it is well acquainted with his or her situation. This condition is fully satisfied in our system. Contributions of the Foundation are often related to the activities of pupils and students of the Jedlička Institute Schools or activities organised by the Sport Club of the Jedlička Institute Prague and by other associations operating within the Service Centre Vyšehrad.

How can you help?

  • Through financial donation for the general mission of the Foundation
  • Through financial donation for specific charitable collection
  • Through non-financial gift
  • Through voluntary work and services

 You can decide on the precise purpose of your donation.

Through the Jedlička Institute Foundation you can transparently accumulate financial means for a specific person or a project. However, they have to comply with the mission of Foundation.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Contribution to the transparent charitable account no. 350350/5500 

Charitable collection for Anička who needs a voice-assistance program

Voice-assistance program for Anička

Anička is a 3rd year student of the Social Activities studies at the secondary school of the Jedlička Institute and she also attends the local day centre. Since her early childhood she suffers from very complicated disability which prevents spontaneous breathing and movement. Therefore the lung ventilator and wheelchair became her indispensible companions. In addition, she needs the all-day care provided by her Mum, and the support of the personal assistant who helps her at the school. Her hands are weakened, hence for example she cannot reach for anything she needs, she cannot write and operating the computer is very difficult for her.

Anička is a truly diligent student and regularly prepares for school – and her endeavour is reflected in her excellent results. She achieves them despite her disability that has really  gruelling impact for her. Programs MyVoice and MyDictate would provide significant help during her studies. Thanks to them, Anička would be able to control with her voice the computer which she needs during the lessons. Such programs can significantly reduce the time as well as energy she needs for studying; at the same time they will make her less dependent on her parents and on the class assistants who help her with writing down the notes, both at school and at home. In addition, these programs can facilitate better communication with her friends.

There is a target amount of 11 000 CZK that shall be collected for voice programs intended to assist Anička. If you are the one who also wants to help Anička or other applicants with similar stories, please, make your donation!

You can do so as follows:

  • Your contribution to the transparent charitable account no. 350350/5500 

Thank you on behalf of Anička and other potential beneficiaries for whom the assistive aids bring the possibility of living active lives!


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Nadace Jedličkova ústavu
Na Topolce 1713/1a
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